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You don’t know what to choose? Or you just want to discover all 4 unique and delicious SMOWL Superfood Mix recipes? You are in the right place! Only available online, we created this special discovery 8-pack just for you. It contains 2 pouches of each flavour:

SMOWL is a delicious and balanced mix of 100% organic superfoods, like coconut water, tasty fruits, wholegrain oats, quinoa or chia.

Perfect for all your daily adventures: for the outdoors, at the gym, for breakfast, at the office, while skiing, … Where will SMOWL take you?

 100% natural and organic

 Source of protein

 Source of fibre

 With wholegrain oats

 Gluten-free and lactose-free

smowl_sucre.svg Without refined sugars


Flag_of_Switzerland.svg Developed in Switzerland

This pack contains


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Ingredients SMOWL Mango Passion

Mango puree*, water, pure passionfruit juice*, wholegrain oats*, Coconut water*, cooked wholegrain rice*, flaxseeds*, maple syrup*, chia seeds*, rice proteins*, coconut milk*, concentrated lemon juice*. *Organic ingredients

Ingredients SMOWL Coco Lime

Coconut water*, pure passionfruit juice* and lime juice*, water, wholegrain oats*, coconut milk*, maple syrup*, cooked quinoa*, wholegrain rice*, Inca berries*, flaxseed*, rice protein*, natural coconut flavour, coconut*. *Organic ingredients

Ingredients SMOWL Red Berries

Fruit puree* (strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry), water, maple syrup*, wholegrain oats*, cooked quinoa*, coconut water*, cooked wholegrain rice*, coconut water*, Inca berries*, flaxseeds*, rice protein*. *Organic ingredients

Ingredients SMOWL Banana Cocoa Açaì

Banana puree*, water, coconut water, coconut milk, maple syrup, wholegrain oats*, cooked wholegrain rice*, flaxseeds*, rice proteins*, açaì puree, cocoa, lemon juice*. *Organic ingredients